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 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 02:32 PM
© august

site-wide plot
One year has passed since the war ended, since the world tore open.

Three unnamed, faceless deities, each a foil to the next, formed Acadia in harmony and balance. Beautiful creatures to roam the world, along with predators of shadow and fangs, to keep them in check. They filled the forests and the corners of the world with feyfolk, to guard Acadia's magic and purity. And they created men and women to rule it all, some blessed with gifts of magic, others blessed with different gift of a different sort; sharp wisdom, mighty strength, devastating cunning. Both the magical and the mortal meant to compliment each other, as everything else in their world did.

They should have foreseen their mistakes. That people, left to their own devices, seek what they do not already possess. Seek to take.

Those without magic-related powers began to crave it. Began capturing their kin, subjecting them to terror and death, to try and pry the gifts from their very souls. And, in the darkness, secret breeding and spellbinding produced a sorceress of powers unforeseen. Eadyn, who seemed to make trees and birds and the grass itself bend the knee at her approach. Eadyn who was taught to see everyone else as lesser, to conquer the peaceful Acadia for those of her likeness, the magic-blessed.

She gathered armies, to wipe mortality from Acadia's surface- she deemed it little more than a stain on its grand beauty. Humans, magic-blessed and otherwise, banded against her army of sorcerers and sorceresses and the feyfolk whose hearts she'd twisted. War exploded. The world exploded.

And when it ended, Eadyn lay slain. The honor-blessed, wisdom-blessed, strength-blessed human leaders lay slain. The blast of power colliding at the final battle had climaxed in a quite literal, physical devastation, leaving neither side with victory- only loss, and pain, and a world in ruins.

The Three Unnamed, with tears in their eyes, knew their creation could not be left to their own again. They were too battered, too grieved, to rebuild alone, and such bitterness remained that it could only fester. In grief, they punched a hole in Acadia's boundaries, meant to keep them safe from outside harm- and instead let the rest of the universe- universes- in.

Those pulled from their own world feel exactly that- an abrupt pull, like being yanked by an invisible thread, roughly pulled through time and space itself, until they land breathless on Acadia's surface.

Whether this plan will be salvation or ruin for Acadia remains to be seen.

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