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 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 08:49 PM
© august

  • Be kind to everyone.

  • Respect your admin and moderators at all times. Your cooperation is what holds this place together, and is very appreciated! If there are ever any concerns with rules, etc, please contact us!

  • If you are dealing with another member of the site who is breaking rules or acting in a way that is upsetting, and the situation cannot be properly remedied by a one-on-one interaction, please bring in a staff member to mediate.

  • We do not allow our members to harass others for owed posts, plots, etc. Everyone is working around their own life and schedule, and you need to respect that.

  • Register ALL accounts in proper capitalization; ex: Harry Potter.

  • BEFORE registering a character account, please register an OOC account under your chosen alias. This will be your root account for OOC communication across the board, and to which you will connect your character accounts. If you make a mistake, you have the ability to change your username in your control panel without admin approval.

  • Once you have registered your OOC account, you will need to post HERE so that an admin can sort it. That process should not take long, but even if it does, you can go ahead and immediately register your character account. You will need to link it to your OOC account. The process is as follows, for those who don't have jcink experience:
    -> When logged into your OOC account, go to MY CONTROLS -> EDIT SUB-ACCOUNTS. There, you are able to either create a new account to be linked, or link an account that you've already created. You will do this for each character account that you create. Then, you will be able to conveniently flip between accounts from the bar at the top of your screen, when you're logged in!

  • All pictures that are uploaded must be PG-13. No nudity or graphic depictions, please.

  • After registering a character account, you have one week to post an application. If you have not posted at least a WIP application by that time, your account is at risk for deletion.

  • We cannot allow characters under the age of 16 to be played. If you would like to play a character that is younger, you may PM a staff member about having an age-bump occur.

  • There is not a cap on the number of characters you may create. The first 3 are freebies, and can be created simultaneously. However, after that, you must have 3 in-character posts for your most recent character before registering or reserving a new one. Likewise, you must have 3 in-character posts for EACH of your first three characters before making a fourth.

  • Before your application is accepted, you must fill out every section of the application and your mini profile. This includes the avatar.

  • Activity Checks will occur on the first of every month, and will require that each of your character accounts has three recent, in-character posts.

  • If you require an activity check pass for whatever reason, please post in our absences forum (ooc area).

  • Please note: Two posts a month is our minimum. If a staff member, or another member, notices a consistent pattern of spamming all two posts at the last minute every month, your characters become at risk for being made inactive, and you will be notified. Staff are always allowed discretion.

In Character
  • There is no word limit for posts, but please be respectful of your partner and ensure that they have something to reply back to.

  • Despite our lack of a word count, we do consider ourselves an intermediate site because of our expectation for basic English fluency. Slip-ups here and there are appropriate, but if you are unable to communicate your ideas clearly and appropriately, this may not be the place for you.

  • Mature themes (ex: violence, gore, sexual themes) are allowed as long as they serve a purpose and are believable for your character. Any threads containing mature or potentially triggering themes must be marked IN THE TITLE with an M or TW, respectively. Explicit sexual content, however, and extremely detailed gore & violence are NOT allowed. Using fade-outs, or vague language, may help you out.

  • Characters that are under the age of 18 are NOT to be involved in sexually themed threads, period.

  • Do NOT power-play or god-mod. Power-playing is when you take control of the other person's character without their permission, and god-modding is when your character is all powerful.

  • While there is absolutely room for characters to grow and develop from their canon source, if it is brought to a staff member's attention that a character is being played notably OOC, or unlike themselves, we will investigate the matter. Please bring any issues regarding this straight to us, rather than confronting the player yourself. Thank you!

Have fun!
For specifics on the types of characters we allow, look below!

 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 02:07 PM
© august

character specifics
On Canon Characters
  • We allow different versions of the same canon only if they are drastically distinct in appearance, personality, and canon-source.

    EX: We will not take the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes. If someone comes on and creates the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, we will not also allow a book incarnation and the RDJ version.
    EX: We will, however, allow the different incarnations of the Doctor from Doctor Who to be represented separately, due to their distinct natures and the fact that they have appeared alongside each other in canon.
    If you are ever in doubt or have a question about a particular character you'd like to play, just ask!

  • Unless your character is animated or from a book, please use their canon face claim. This is flexible for characters with multiple canon sources.

    EX:Want to use someone other than Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter based on your book interpretation? Go for it!
    EX: You would be required to use Benedict Cumberbatch as your face claim for Sherlock Holmes, if you are creating him based on that Sherlock TV series.

  • Even in the case of using a character's canon portrayal, you MUST post in our face claim. This is to prevent original characters from using the same face!

  • If your character does not have a real-life portrayal already (books, animated), you may choose one, or you may use art if preferred. Make sure to claim your face if you use one!

  • There are special considerations to make should you want to play a character that is NOT humanoid in nature. We aren't talking about an elf, or even someone like Chewbacca, but say Simba from The Lion King or Smaug from The Hobbit. These characters may be created, but require a face claim. This is attributed to the deities of the world changing your character's form, and is intended to allow a diversity of canon representations without awkward in-character encounters. There are some fun aspects to play with regarding this, and if there are any questions, you know what to do!

  • We will allow ZERO plagiarism to occur on this site. Copying word-for-word from anywhere but your own work is strictly forbidden, unless it is used as quoted material.

  • As a general rule of thumb, we accept characters from any fandom source that has a meaningful plot. As we know this can be different from person to person, we've provided a ban list.

On Original Fandom Characters
  • We have a unique twist here in that we allow original characters to be created from any relevant fandom. For example, your original Slytherin Marauder's Era character is more than welcome, as is your own spin on a cutthroat assassin from Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood.

  • We want to see people be creative with this, rather than taking a canon character, changing a few details, and calling it an original. In this regard, these characters will be carefully vetted.

  • No original fandom character can assume to have significant relationships with established canon characters UNLESS it has been established with whoever already plays that canon.

On Native Characters
  • Another opportunity to stretch your creativity are characters who are native to our world. These characters have experienced the influx of characters from other worlds but were not brought in themselves; they were born here! Their lives would have been heavily impacted from the recent war, which should be considered in their background. What happened as a result of the war, what side they took (if they did at all), and how they feel about the newcomers is completely up to you!

  • These characters are allowed to have abilities, known as "blessings" from the Acadian deities, as long as they are not over-powering. Having 1-2 category of "blessing" maximum is a good guideline. For example, a character can have the ability to turn invisible OR manipulate fire, but probably cannot do both. If there are more minor abilities you'd like to play with, they can be coupled or run past a staff member for approval.

  • If you are planning on applying for a world native, you also need to acquaint yourself with our additional world lore, located here.
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